About Us

MJ Jewellers is a family run jewellery design business operating in South Granville for the past 38 years

We are the longest running business in the neighbourhood. We have an extensive inventory of gold, platinum and gemstone jewellery. Almost every piece of jewelry in our store is hand forged and crafted in our studio by our own goldsmiths, using traditional European goldsmithing techniques. This traditional, artistic form in jewellery-making is rarely seen today as mass production and casted jewellery is taking over the market. We look forward to working with you to create a top quality and timeless piece of jewellery that is beautiful, thoughtful and as unique as the person who wears them.

MJ Jewellers circa 1986

When John Leung opened MJ Jewellers in 1986, his goal was to provide people with high quality jewelry that is not only well-designed but also priced fairly. He is proud to have maintained his commitment after all these years, and throughout this time he has developed lasting relationships with customers who have become lifelong clients. It is these relationships with clients that has fueled our passion at MJ Jewellers as we continue to pledge quality and dedication to our customers.

After 40 years in the industry, John has refined his standard for quality gems and pieces of jewellery. He is a passionate collector of beautiful and unique gemstones. We have a large selection of ethically sourced gemstones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, to name just a few…

John’s son Terry has grown up in the family business and carries his fathers passion for quality jewellery and commitment to customer satisfaction. Together, along with the MJ Jewellers staff, they have created a space that is both special and personal, which is how your jewelry should feel.

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