Caring for Your Fine Jewelry Daily.
Caring for Your Fine Jewelry Daily.
  • Even though fine jewelry is real gems and real gold, is it okay to wear every single day?

    Yes! Earrings and necklaces in particular are great for daily wear since they do not really come into contact with other objects or activities. Rings are also good to be worn everyday, but it is wise for you to be more careful since so much is done with the hands.


    • Are there certain gems and gold karats that are preferred for daily or frequent wear? Are there gems or karats that you would say are better for occasional wear only?


      The diamond is the best gem for daily wear because it rates highest on the gem hardness scale (meaning it is most resistant to scratches). Corrundums (ruby and sapphire) are the best gems after the diamond for frequent wear.

      If you are buying jewelry that will be worn daily, check with your jeweler that it is above a 7 on the hardness scale. 19k white or 18k yellow gold are best for frequent wear. Anything below 19k gold is durable as well. Platinum is also excellent, but may scratch easier. 20-24k gold is softer and therefore riskier for daily wear.


      • Are there certain environments or situations that you would recommend people take their fine jewelry off?


        We would suggest that you take your jewelry off when swimming or in the water. Your hand shrinks in cold water, and many people lose their rings in the ocean for this reason. Men should be extra careful about this, since they are often less used to wearing rings and may be wearing a looser ring size.

        Please keep this in mind on your fabulous island honeymoons!


        • Any tips for pearl jewelry care?


          Pearl jewelry should be worn at least once a month. Your body oils help to maintain the luster and beauty of real pearls.


          • What do I need to know for long-term care for my fine jewelry?


            You should bring your jewelry to be checked by your jeweller at least once a year. Jewellers can check if the claws around your gems has loosened or worn down at all (this is especially important on rings). If so, your jeweller can retip the claws by adding a bit of gold to the ends to reinforce the support for your gemstone.



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